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5″ Smith & Wesson MP CORE vs. Walther PPQ M2

5" Smith & Wesson MP CORE vs. Walther PPQ M2

Hey Everyone, This is a first run by one of are new Bloggers Kimo Albarado From the Island of Oahu. It is a video on the 5" Smith & Wesson  vs the Walther PPQ M2 . So if you get a chance run by his channel https://www.youtube.com/user/albaradr now sit … Continue Reading ››

Making Your Shotgun Rock: Short Lane Adapters

  The first word that comes to mind when shotguns are mention is "versatility". That was true when Europeans waded ashore with matchlock muskets and its still true today. While shotguns in function have changed a lot, the projectiles are as old as could be. Shotguns really are versatile whether you are shooting small birdshot to claim … Continue Reading ››