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Steven Minor is the one you see in most S&I videos. He is a Navy Veteran and and has a love for weapons. He also has a Love for Family and Freedom. His conservative Christian values can be seen throughout his life in all areas. He believes in The 2nd Amendment, small business, Veterans and America.

Taking A Concealed Carry Class

Concealed Carry White-stag-holsters
concealed carry white stag holsters

Taking A Concealed Carry Class

A couple of weeks after talking with a few of the guys in the community about what is happening all over the country and even our communities today, I decided to take advantage of … Continue Reading ››

Full Battle Rattle: Helping Today’s American Veterans

Almost a year ago, I had the privilege of meeting Rob Mitchell through a mutual friend who was involved with a project called "Full Battle Rattle" that Rob was trying to get off the ground. Rob Is an Army veteran who held the rank of Sergeant and served our country with the 1st Infantry Division¬†in … Continue Reading ››