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Top Tier 1911 Brands vs. Budget 1911

Aloha all. As a relatively new shooter to the sport, I have received advice on which firearms are good and which to stay away from. Like any other new endeavor you undertake in life, you must have the ability to sift through the bad advice so you can have a clearer picture as to what … Continue Reading ››

5″ Smith & Wesson MP CORE vs. Walther PPQ M2

5" Smith & Wesson MP CORE vs. Walther PPQ M2

Hey Everyone, This is a first run by one of are new Bloggers Kimo Albarado From the Island of Oahu. It is a video on the 5" Smith & Wesson  vs the Walther PPQ M2 . So if you get a chance run by his channel now sit … Continue Reading ››