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Isaac Milleson brings the nerd tools to the party. He serves as the video editor, webmaster, and marketing expert. Isaac enjoys testing weapons and ammunition as well as the production side of S&I Arsenal. His love is for the Lord Jesus Christ and his passion is for his wife and kids.

S&I Arsenal is now an authorized dealer of Devil Dog Arms

We are now an authorized Devil Dog Arms dealer. If you want to get your Devil Dogs parts below MSRP (maybe something for your AR-10 or AR-15) please visit the Devil Dog section of our E-store. We are continually adding new items to the store, and partnering with new manufacturers … Continue Reading ››

Hi-Point 4095TS Carbine

We finally reviewed the last Hi-Point carbine, the 4095TS. It was a lot of fun to shoot and the production was fun as well. We shot 2 different types of ammo, had two different shooters, and used multiple types of targets. This is slightly off topic, but Hi-Point is doing a carbine giveaway : Continue Reading ››