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I am a God-fearing, prepping, homesteading where I stand, Southern country girl, transplanted to a small city in Iowa. With my fiance and my daughter, I am just starting over from scratch. We are building our stores of food and supplies either by stocking up or making it ourselves. We garden, can, sew, use natural remedies, and do it ourselves when we can. I like the feeling of security and self sufficiency even though I know it all comes from God.

Pinching Pennies While Prepping

(Well its next time and we did not get a deer yet. Actually, we haven't gone hunting yet. We are waiting till November when it is nice and cool outside. So for now I am just going to elaborate on what we have gotten done in the last couple of weeks.)

Pinching Pennies While Prepping

Prepping can look overwhelming and … Continue Reading ››

Prepping Is a Lifestyle

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Prepping Is a Lifestyle

By Andrea Newsome
If you have ever thought of storing up goods and foods for emergency situations you have the right mentality to be a prepper. But, prepping is a way of life, not something … Continue Reading ››