Savage Axis II Part 2

I couldn’t resist the offer: a brand new Savage Axis II in a camo stock for $250 after a $50 mail in rebate. ‘Do you have one in 22-250?’ was all I needed to say. S & I Arsenal is all about great prices for working men and women.

As you may recall, I wrote a few months ago about an Axis II in .223.  I thought reloads would improve on the MOA+ accuracy. I was right. I almost cried with joy when I shot that first group. My first recipe produced sub MOA. Also, Weaver sent me the missing scope adjustment cap ASAP. I was all set up. Not so with this new 22-250.

First groups with factory ammo produced erratic, large groups. I researched powders and settled on Hodgdon H380. Loaded with Nosler BT 55 grain bullets, the groups were just as bad.  Perplexed, I looked at some old Nosler reloading data and settled on Hodgdon BL-C(2) powder. It worked in the .223. I bought some simple Speer 55 grainers and loaded mid range on the recipe. The first 4 shots produced the best group I have ever shot. I was ecstatic! Two bargain priced rifles shooting superior groups. I had my loads and was set.

The Savage Axis II rifle is an economical rifle that has good qualities: great trigger, good stock and apparently, tremendous potential for accuracy. Prices are low and deals are out there. Give it a try.

You won’t be sorry!!!!!!!


Tracy Bates

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