Shooting Impressions: Savage Axis II .223

Photo Credit Tracy Bates

Savage has been making firearms for over 100 years. They have a reputation for accuracy. I have a Savage in 6.5 Creedmoor that shoots three shot jagged holes all day long, if I do my part. They have a tremendous range of rifle offerings, too.
The Savage Axis and Axis II are low buck, entry level bolt action rifles chambered for popular cartridges. S&I Arsenal is all about good firearms for working men and women at Blue Collar prices. Many stores sell these rifles for less than $400. I picked up mine for $315 with the Chinese made Weaver Kaspa scope. The difference between the Axis and the Axis II is the Accutrigger on the II. Great trigger! Worth the price difference.
My particular Axis II is a black matte finish with a composite stock. Stainless finish is available. Chambered in .223, it is still a long action. Savage blocked the magazine to control the shorter cases of the .223. This rifle is long in the scope mounting area also. I tried to mount a Nikon scope in place of the Weaver and it wouldn’t fit without extension rings. So be warned, if you buy one without a scope.

Photo Credit Tracy Bates

I took the Savage out to the range. The shooting tunnel was occupied, so I shot off hand over the side of the truck at a 100 yard target. I was impressed. MOA or slightly larger was the norm with PMC Bronze ammo. Not bad for inexpensive AR ammo. I would expect to shrink those groups with hand loads, or premium ammo and a shooting bench.

The magazine wouldn’t stay in place after each round was fired. A little tweak to the magazine tensioner fixed that. I did adjust the trigger pull a low as possible, which the Accutrigger is made for. The Axis has no trigger adjustment. Did I mention it is a great trigger? The Axis line is not a fancy, pretty rifle series. Good looking and good shooting, though. Worth the price. The scope? We’ll see.

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