Joining a Gun Club and Enjoying the Shooting Sports

There are lots of clubs. Not dance or night clubs. Social clubs. Hobby clubs.  Model train clubs. RC plane, boat and car clubs. Car clubs. Four wheeling clubs. Sewing clubs. Gun clubs.  Shooting clubs.Tracy

I just joined a shooting club, a rifle and pistol club. I waited a while to get invited to join. Living in New Mexico, you’d think there would be plenty of places to shoot.  Liberal leaders and ignorant shooters have decimated the shooting opportunities around my home to the point you have to drive about an hour away to shoot. The city does a good job of running the state owned shooting range but it’s also a drive  and costs money.  Enter the local shooting club.

I was summoned to a mandatory safety and rules class. With a test. Lots of rules, but people do stupid things so you have to think of everything. About 40 adults of all ages  were there. It made me wonder what happened to the members we were replacing. Death? Poverty? Rule breakers? The club officers in attendance were about 30 years apart in age.  That was nice. New leaders to step in and keep the shooting sports going.

The rules were both common and specific. They had unique rules due to their range layout. Range officer duties were saved for the first shooter at an area.  No tracer or exploding ammo. Or targets. Rats. Oh well, at least I can shoot in town at a nominal fee. I want to encourage you to join your local gun or shooting club. Strength in numbers is the motto. ‘Shoot while the shooting is good’ I always say.  OK. It’s a new saying for me.  A good one, though.

Tracy Bates

My passions are my family and my church. The good Lord has blessed me with an understanding wife and sons. My other loves are reloading and hunting. I’ve been doing both for over 30 years. Hopefully, I can share my experiences with you and help you on your journey.

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