Top Tier 1911 Brands vs. Budget 1911

Aloha all. As a relatively new shooter to the sport, I have received advice on which firearms are good and which to stay away from. Like any other new endeavor you undertake in life, you must have the ability to sift through the bad advice so you can have a clearer picture as to what the reality is you are looking for.

Shooting is no exception. For example, my experience has ranged from high end gun snobs that won’t shoot anything that doesn’t cost more than a gillion dollars to those who refuse to venture outside the realm of the competition gun that won them the 1985 Worldwide Champion Target Match World Series, or whatever…..

That advice isn’t bad. In fact, it is quite valuable if used as a starting point and not gospel. My point is that the gun industry is the largest and most competitive it’s ever been. Everyone is bringing their “A” game. Younger, hungrier, and cheaper companies are pumping out firearms that not only rival the “Bigs” in price but can also match them in quality.

Who are these companies and just how good are they? Is expensive always more accurate and if so, can you see the difference in cost in your results?

Check out the first part of a video series I’m working on that tests some of the industries’ legendary companies against their budget counterparts.

Lets start with the 1911s!

Kimo 45

In this video, I pit a raced out Springfield 1911 versus a Turkish made 1911 from Tisas that can be bought for about $350.

That’s about a $400 difference between the two pistols in their stock configurations.

I break them down  and show you the shooting results. Did I notice a $400 difference in the results? Check out the video to find out.

1911 Shootout Springfield vs. Tisas

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