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I love gun shops. Every trip I take, I plot my course through the local gun shop. Big or small, I try and buy something. As a former local small business owner, I feel the plight. However, sometimes, I need something they just don’t have. So I turn to the internet.

I’ve been buying reloading supplies long distance since before the internet. Midway was the phone number I called the most. Now with the internet, the choices are numerous. That can be the problem: which one can you trust with your buying dollar that will deliver the goods. I’ve recently found wideners.com.

Widener’s is not new to  business. They started in 1978 selling reloading supplies and other essentials. They wisely joined the internet bandwagon in 1996. Located in Tennessee, they have the generational training of a good work ethic. When I visited the website for the first time, I was stunned at the inventory and variety. CCI primers have been impossible for me to find since Obama hit the airwaves, but they had them. They had rimfire ammo, .22 Magnum especially, excited me.  Gunpowder, too. Try and find the old favorites like H4831. They had it. Once you have a recipe for your rifle, it’s hard to change powders. I ordered powder, primers and Hornady bullets.  I am planning a short series of videos on reloading and will use Wideners.com components in them.Wideners1

The order came quickly with e-mails advising of the status, tracking numbers and such. Great products and good prices. They are in my browser favorites and will be bringing more smiles for years to come. Try them out. You’ll be happy.

Tracy Bates

My passions are my family and my church. The good Lord has blessed me with an understanding wife and sons. My other loves are reloading and hunting. I’ve been doing both for over 30 years. Hopefully, I can share my experiences with you and help you on your journey.

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