My open editorial to President Obama

This is my open letter to the President of the United States of America regarding his consistent push to nullify the second amendment rights of Americans by any means necessary. This is my personal work and is not the opinion of S&I Arsenal or any affiliated bodies thereof.

Dear Mr. President,

I have no other means by which to express my disgust at you and your party’s actions other than this open editorial. I understand that you are on limited time and often have no time for the “little guy,” so I will attempt to make this as brief as possible. I am a proud gun owner and an equally proud American. I will not accept the blame for your and your colleagues’ failings in their official duties. EVERY time a mass shooting occurs in America, before the bodies are cold, before the families of the victims are notified, you and your ilk politicize the event.

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The abhorrent use of the dead as props to push an anti-gun agenda is below sub-human in nature, and to blame law abiding gun owners and the NRA for your own cabinets failings is doubly so. Criminals do not follow the law, regardless of how many new laws you put on the books… regardless of the restrictions you put in place, criminals will not be disarmed. All new legislation will do is disarm legal and lawful firearms owners and make them helpless to those aforementioned criminals.

The latest tragedy in California, a state with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation,ibtimescalifornia-shooting a state which is the poster child for all of the gun control you have tirelessly attempted to pass, has even been turned into an anti-firearms circus. The most telling issue with pushing gun control legislation and rhetoric from this particular tragedy is that at the terrorists’ home, they found a large stash of pipe bombs as well… how many days’ waiting period did they have to get those and what background checks?Killlers

Less than an hour after the horrible massacre occurred, Hilary Clinton was tweeting for gun control, you were giving press statements about how in Europe this doesn’t happen etc… etc… etc… did you already forget Paris, Mr. President? Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago are shining examples of the type of gun control you have tried over and over again to enact, they also consequently are utter warzones! Let’s also not neglect the fact that California is THE most restrictive place for firearms ownership in America and yet this horrendous assault took place.

I am sure you know the statistics of these places I’ve mentioned, sir. I am also positive that you know the gun laws in those states, so how would enacting those laws widespread change anything other than disarming the lawful citizen? I am also positive that you know the statistics of states like Arizona and Vermont, with some of the loosest gun laws and also consequently lowest crime rates in our nation.

Chicago, your own hometown has a mass shooting almost daily, Mr. President. Children, women and men alike are gunned down by the dozens… where is your narrative on that, Sir? Keep in mind that Chicago also has horribly oppressive firearms laws, the same you would claim are the kind our whole nation should follow. The problem is gangbangers and thugs that your own department of justice refuses to go after, do not fit your narrative.images (13)

The problem is that your narrative is that those who perpetuate the most mass murders and shooting deaths aren’t the problem… it’s your average gun owner and the NRA. How about we begin enforcing the existing laws that are already on the books, instead of pushing more “feel good legislation,” that does nothing but create more helpless victims? How about we go after the thugs, drug dealers and gangsters using guns to destroy countless lives daily, instead of attacking mom and pop American who just want to live life in peace?

You cannot create an environment where no one is to blame for their own actions and expect that by blaming others, anything will change. Mr. President. You and your ilk on Capitol Hill cannot claim any moral high ground when you stand on the bodies of the dead to push an agenda that wouldn’t have stopped any of these senseless slaughters from happening. I am not merely attacking you or the democrats either. I am also looking at the mealy mouthed Republicans who at times have applauded these actions and measures.

You are out of touch with the common man. You see us as serfs instead of the rightful masters of congress, the constitution and everything that our nation was founded upon…this is evident by your using our dead for political aims. Mr. President, you and your political bottom feeders are SERVANTS of WE THE PEOPLE.We the Peeps We are not your servants or props to be used to push forth idiotic laws that once more ask gun owners to “compromise,” our inalienable rights, which we have done countless times in the past.

This is your issue, Mr. President. The blood of the dead is on your hands for lacking the ability to perform the duties of your office and go after real criminals and terrorists, not gun owners and not the NRA. Opening our borders has not helped our nation; it has invited ISIS, gangs and drugs onto our shores. If within a day of the tragedy we knew of the latest terrorist’s history with ISIS, surely your vetting process has failed miserably!

What do we commonly hear from gang bangers and thugs when they are arrested for a murder? It’s not their fault, it’s societies fault, it’s where they live, it’s everything but their own faults.. the same we are hearing from you, Mr. President.

Fred Cook

Fred Cook

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