The Umpqua community college tragedy

Recently a horrible tragedy befell our Nation, a lone gunman opened fire killing ten and wounding nearly twenty others. Now before I even begin this article, I would like to first offer my deepest condolences to the families of the victims. This was a senseless and horrific event that left deep recesses in the hearts of the entire country.

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What happened afterwards was literally sick and disgusting, as Obama and the liberals instantly and before the families of the deceased were even notified, politicized the tragedy and pushed for further gun control. The political left wing instantly rushed to execute their Saul Alinsky tactics never letting a horrific event go without pushing an agenda. It was vile, it was immoral, it was classless and it was plain and simply put, wrong in every conceivable way.

The people in Roseburg Oregon including many of the victim’s families and local officials said that the president wasn’t welcomed there for stepping over their dead. These tactics are absolutely nothing new, with Hollywood, the mainstream media and politicians pushing gun control before the bodies of the departed are even cold. This is why so many consider the aforementioned wretched, low life individuals who lack any modicum of class or humanity.

Worst still, while politicizing the events, these figures often use bold faced lies and skewed statistics to push their agendas. After the umpquaUmpqua college shooting, Obama once again said that first world nations don’t have these issues and mentioned Australia. However since banning firearms in Australia has seen a huge upswing in violent crimes, home invasions, shootings and other horrible crimes. The UK has no firearms and is number one in the world for violent crime.

Obama has even stated that Chicago has become the model for gun control in America, what he forget to mention is that Chicago is a virtual warzone which in a two day stint had over 100 murders by firearms. Hundreds die monthly in Chicago by firearms, yet Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Gun control in Chicago, Detroit, Maryland, Washington D.C. is extreme compared to less gun control such as Vermont and Arizona, which you don’t even need a license to conceal carry, yet Vermont and Arizona are far safer and have much less crime.

Maryland and Virginia both border D.C. and Virginia has very lax gun laws, while D.C. and Maryland have very strict gun control laws…. Guess which of the three is safer and has less crime?images (13)

Liberals keep blaming the NRA for these tragedies, but during the much more frequent occurrence of drunk drivers and crashes, how many blame Ford and Chevy, or car and driver magazine? When hundreds of thousands die of obesity each year, do we blame fast food chains for their death? Doctors have hundreds of thousands of deaths by malpractice every year, do people blame the scalpels?

So what is the cause of the gun violence in America?

There are many factors that are linked amongst all cases of mass shootings, something that the left, the mainstream media and Hollywood overlook in their anti-gun tirades… mental illness. In the Umpqua community college killers notes,


he was disgruntled over being a bit of a loner and not having a girlfriend, in his writings he clearly displayed an inferiority complex and several other mental health related issues. Many of these cases go undiagnosed and untreated and when they have been treated, the killers were put on psychotropic drugs with the side effects of suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

Our nation has a mental health issue disguised as a firearms issue and no one seems to be addressing the fact that out mental health system is failing us. No rational and sane human being plots murder, no mentally stable individual wakes up one morning and decides to go on a shooting rampage. So meanwhile the politicians and media focus on guns, the root causes of these dreadful tragedies flies under the radar.

Rather than blame the individual who commits these atrocities, rather than blame their mental illness or even addressing it, they would rather focus on attacking our rights. A gun is only a tool, which has many uses from hunting, to self-defense, to sports and even as a last line of defense of our nation. In the end a gun is an inanimate object, it is not capable of assault, it is not capable of doing anything without a person squeezing the trigger.

Yet another thing the left and the media seems to ignore, is that 98% of all mass shootings which have taken place since 1950 have been committed in “Gun-free zones.” If someone is a burglar, murderer or otherwise criminal and they have a choice between two houses to invade, one with an NRA and or pro gun sticker in their window and one with a gun free zone sticker in the window, which do you think will be their target?

By writing new gun control legislation into law or executive order, you in effect are only punishing law abiding gun owners and not criminals, because criminals don’t care about your laws. Criminals don’t fear laws, they don’t fear the police or court systems, they mostly don’t fear jail or prison either, but what they do fear is an armed potential victim. In essence you are punishing the innocent for the deeds of the wrongdoer…

Right now Obama and the political left are dead fast on writing new restrictions and gun control measures into law, with Obama himself threatening executive action. Firearms prohibition does not work, just look at anti gun havens with their strict laws, it is no different from drug prohibition, whereas if a criminal wants something, they will find a means of obtaining it. Criminals follow laws like Obama and his cronies follow the constitution they are sworn to protect!

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