Obama’s SSA gun control scheme

This very moment the Obama administration is working on a bill to outlaw firearms ownership from anyone on SSI, who has a representative payee. This isn’t delusion; this isn’t a scare tactic; this is fact and a scary one at that. If this bill passes, it will effectively strip second amendment rights from some four million Americans. The largest gun grab in U.S. history!

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I have heard from various individuals on both sides of the argument about why it’s bad and why it’s good. This helped me to flesh out an opinion on the situation that is inherently my own. Personally speaking, this law is a disaster!

Those supporting the law have said that it will keep the mentally unstable from obtaining arms, however they are not targeting just the mentally unstable or those who are a danger to others or themselves, they are targeting all SSI and SSD recipients who have a representative payee and here is the difference…

Individuals who have been deemed a danger to themselves or others are already on the NCIS as restricted from firearms purchases, this much already happens in America. Mental1Those who are disabled and have a representative payee are not always dangerous, more often than not, they are not a danger to anyone. If someone is a compulsive spender, compulsive gambler or just cannot easily leave the house (Such as those paralyzed or agoraphobic) they might have a representative payee so that someone could utilize their money to get things done such as pay bills or grocery shop.

Having someone handle your money because of a disability should emphatically not bar you from owning firearms! Does the government think criminals care if a person is agoraphobic or in a wheel chair, because they do not. In fact, they see those people as easy targets for home invasions.

The honest truth is that the government isn’t doing this to these poor people to make everyone safe. They aren’t restricting mentally unstable or violent people at all… what this is, in all earnestness, is a push at gun control against those whom the government deems as easy targets. Gun control has never been about making people safer, it’s about control!SSI2

This all comes from a memorandum by Obama in 2013, designed to share more information with the NCIS background system. This is just the beginning, however, as the memorandum also mentions obtaining information from the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Transportation, and such other agencies or offices as the Chair may designate. This gun ownership could easily grow to include millions of Americans who have any dealings with those aforementioned agencies.

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The Veterans Administration has already implemented similar policies, designating vets as prohibited persons,” when they have a representative payee, so if you are thinking “Well, I’m not on SSI or SSD, so I’m safe,” think again!

So far, 177,000 veterans have already been added to the NCIS system, without due process and with almost no chance of ever being removed from the system. Now the SSA is going to be implementing much the same practice… in the near future it can (and chances are will) be any of those federal departments mentioned earlier… This is back door gun control at its most disgusting!

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