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Hey, folks! Been awhile since I have gotten around to writing a blog. Things have been hectic around here. While the here has changed, the want and determination has not. I have moved from my hometown in New Mexico to a small west Texas town.

Life is good and we are growing here at S&I. It is because of the great people who follow us on social media, our E-store, and family and friends. We have brought on many new products, we now carry distributors like Buffalo Arms Trading LLC, Devil Dog Arms, DragonTail Bore ScrubberFail Zero and others .

But now lets get down to the business of this blog. A year ago I bought my first AR format, a Bear Creek Arsenal from Classic, and as you have seen from our videos, not long after I got it, I began to do some modifications. It started because I had a keeper pin in the bcg give me some troubles after shooting more then a 1,000 rounds through it of Brown Bear lacquered 223.

Bearcreek Logo-Final
Logo courtesy of Bear Creek Arsenal

Unfortunately, after awhile there was lacquer build-up in the chamber and I had a casing get stuck. So after doing an extractor spring upgrade and cleaning the firearm thoroughly I was still having some ejection problems, I contacted Bear Creek Arsenal who were absolutely top notch in their customer service. I had been interested in the stainless steel barrels they carry, so after I sent in the URG for warranty work, I asked if I could have them install one and I would split the difference.( See our video on Youtube. ) Well, much to my surprise I got the URG back in 3 days with a brand spanking new straight fluted stainless steel barrel with 1:9 twist installed. They replaced the keeper pin which was .99  and installed the barrel.

So to say the least, I wanted to Modify more so I installed a  Magpul MOE handguard, milspec LMT buffer tube, Magpul MOE Butt Stock in FDE, and A Burris 2x-7x-35mm woodland camo scope. I don’t IMG_20150327_200309331really think all the simple mods have made a big difference in how the firearm performs mechanically, which has been flawless since the warranty work was done.  We are starting to do that, which will be in an upcoming video. But for now, I want you to check out the last furniture mod we just did- installing a Magpul AFG1 in FDE. (There is a hint to the next video, so sit back and watch the video.) If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, go ahead, because S&I has some new and exciting videos in the works. Oh, and you decide if starting with a mid range AR for a first timer is worth it.



Steven Minor

Steven Minor

Steven Minor is the one you see in most S&I videos. He is a Navy Veteran and and has a love for weapons. He also has a Love for Family and Freedom. His conservative Christian values can be seen throughout his life in all areas. He believes in The 2nd Amendment, small business, Veterans and America.
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