Smith & Wesson vs Walther pistols

5″ Smith & Wesson MP CORE vs. Walther PPQ M2

5″ Smith & Wesson MP CORE vs. Walther PPQ M2

Hey Everyone, This is a first run by one of are new Bloggers Kimo Albarado From the Island of Oahu.

It is a video on the 5″ Smith & Wesson  vs the Walther PPQ M2 . So if you get a chance run by his channel now sit back  and enjoy the video and wait for his next blog coming soon.

Two of the best polymer long slides around! Both pistols have replaceable back straps and both come with small, medium, and large grip panels with the medium panel coming pre-installed.  They also both have rails to mount accessories, similar grip angles and cost roughly the same amount.

The Smith and Wesson has a ready to rock drilled and tapped slide for a red dot and the Walther PPQ has one of the best stock triggers… IN THE WORLD.

I chose the the Walther PPQ.  I just couldn’t get past the spongy hinge trigger that Smith refuses to stop using.  Bleh.

Which is right for you?  Checkout the video below,  I hope it helps.


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