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Thoughts On My Personal Handgun

I don’t usually write about guns. I like to leave that to people who know better than I do. I am not a gun aficionado and I do not have a large collection of them. I can only tell about what I know and what I know is my gun. My gun is a Smith and Wesson .38 special revolver.

I spent a long time picking out a personal hand gun. There were many questions that needed answering before finally committing. What is the price? Is it within budget? How does it handle and shoot? Can I effectively use it or is it too heavy to hold for long? As a woman my biggest concerns were about how loud, how heavy, and how efficient it was.

My Handgun: Smith and Wesson .38 Special Revolver

I held many guns in many different stores searching for just the right gun. I finally narrowed it down to two guns. Smith and Wesson .38 or a Taurus .38. (I actually prefer a Walther PPK .22, but that is a whole ‘nother story.) So out of the two .38s I looked at, held, and basically toted around the store like I owned it to get a feel for it, I picked the Smith and Wesson for one specific reason. There is not much difference in the two. Smith and Wesson is proud to be made in America, but the Taurus is made in Brazil. That was my deciding factor.

The S & W did cost a bit more. It was completely worth it though. I was willing to pay the extra cost to get a gun made in the USA. The extra was less than $100.

So the S & W answered my questions. It was reasonably priced. I could afford it within budget. It handles great, almost like it was made for my hand. I can effectively use it and it is not too heavy for me to hold for long periods.

That last one was a sticking point for me with a lot of handguns. I held many and they got heavy after a few minutes. For anyone with carpal tunnel or other wrist damage, it would be hard to hold a heavy handgun. It would also be harder to hold as a person grew older. My fiance, Brian, told me the wisest thing he has ever heard me say was when I told him I picked my gun because I would still be able to hold it (shoot it) when I got old. That is just something I had to consider when purchasing my gun. To me, buying my S & W was a life-long commitment.

To me, buying my S&W was a life-long commitment.

My Personal Handgun

I have had my handgun for a few years now and the only problem I have had is the loudness of the regular .38 ammo. My son told me to use practice rounds in my gun. He shot it himself and it was very loud to him. He believes using the practice rounds would help with that. I tend to trust his judgment on these things because he IS a gun aficionado.

He and Brian both approve of the Smith and Wesson .38 Special so I guess all that time and research paid off because so do I! This is the perfect handgun for me. Good price, lightweight, shoots straight, made in the USA….. What more could you ask for?

Andrea Newsome

I am a God-fearing, prepping, homesteading where I stand, Southern country girl, transplanted to a small city in Iowa. With my fiance and my daughter, I am just starting over from scratch. We are building our stores of food and supplies either by stocking up or making it ourselves. We garden, can, sew, use natural remedies, and do it ourselves when we can. I like the feeling of security and self sufficiency even though I know it all comes from God.

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts On My Personal Handgun”

  1. You say the only problem you have with the revolver is the loudness? Try using ear protection. It’s highly recommended.

    1. David, In defense of Andrea She is not a seasoned shooter nor is she target practicing much. Her weapon is strictly self defense oriented and how many people wake up in the middle of the night and say to an intruder” Oh wait let me put in my hearing protection”

      1. LOL Thank you Steven for jumping in for me. It has been an exciting and busy weekend and I did not have a chance to do it myself. Until now, of course. I do believe you’re right though…. I would not be able to grab ear protection before firing at an intruder! If that gun is loud with them, I can’t imagine how loud it would be without them!

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