Reloading Your Own Cartridges

Get Started Reloading

Reloading has been around for over a century. It was started out of necessity, but now reloading can be a great way to relax and have fun enjoying the shooting sports. If you are new to the shooting sports, reloading is the resizing of spent cartridges (brass), re-priming the case (the primer is the little button on the bottom of the cartridge, usually silver), charging the case with gunpowder and seating a new bullet. The original recycling!

Get Started Reloading: The original recycling!

Reloading Your Own Cartridges
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When I first started reloading, premium bullets such as Nosler and Barnes were only available as components, not loaded ammunition. You had to reload in order to shoot premium bullets. Now, that’s no longer the case. You can buy just about any premium bullet in loaded ammo.  Also, cost savings were considered. If you shot a lot, you had to reload. Components are rising in price, so now, that’s not much of a benefit.

“Well, what is the benefit?” you might ask. Fun. There is tremendous pleasure in shooting a rifle or pistol with a load I’ve developed. All of my hunting trips have involved reloaded ammo. The vast information for reloading can fill your evenings with unlimited reading. Books, websites and printed magazines have volumes of information on reloading and custom loads.

The tools you need for reloading is very easy or complex depending on how involved you want to go. You basically need a press, a set of  dies and a powder measure and scale. Priming tools are usually included with presses or you can buy priming tools very cheaply. Lee Precision has kits for a nominal price. RCBS has kits at a higher price, but it is a better quality product. If you can only afford less, then Lee’s for you. Their products are good quality and have a warranty. There is other brands out there and used tools as well. Shop the gun shops and garage sales. Know the retail prices before you do.,, or are but a few of the websites out there.

I know components are sometimes hard to find, but they’re out there. Sometimes that’s the fun. The hunt. When I started out reloading, no internet. I know, I’m old. The internet has great values in components, just go searching. Powder is best bought locally due to Hazardous Shipping charges.  Please do some reading before buying, so you understand the nuances of reloading. Such as .308 or .312, .355 or .357 diameter bullets. You need to know these things.

Remember folks, knowledge is good. Knowledge is power. Learn how to reload. And have fun.

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My passions are my family and my church. The good Lord has blessed me with an understanding wife and sons. My other loves are reloading and hunting. I’ve been doing both for over 30 years. Hopefully, I can share my experiences with you and help you on your journey.

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