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Firearms for Christmas: Buying a Firearm as a Christmas Gift

Firearms for Christmas: Buying a Firearm as a Christmas Gift

Dani “Oakley” Bryan

It’s that time of year again! Snow is falling, carolers are singing, and you’re wondering what to get your significant other for Christmas. You have a wonderful idea to buy him/her a gun for Christmas with the hopes to spark a love for one of your favorite activities.

While gifting another person with the means to protect themselves is a great idea, here are a few things to consider before rushing out to your local gun store to purchase firearms for Christmas:

  • 1) All hands are not created equal. This simply means that while a certain gun fits your hands perfectly, it may not fit the hands of the recipient. Guns range in grip size, weight, material, capacity, color, action, safety features and many other qualities that you may find appealing but the actual person who will be shooting the gun may not enjoy. For example, my fiancé has bigger hands and enjoys a slightly larger grip in a firearm. He chooses capacity while I prefer something slimmer in the grip but a larger caliber. To each his own.
Firearms for Christmas - shield vs. m&p
Example of Different grip sizes – Firearms for Christmas – Photo Credit: Dani “Oakley” Bryan
  • 2) Will you be including training with the firearm? Simply purchasing a gun for someone is not going to help him/her much if they have no idea how to use it. Whether you know enough and can take them out and train them or you choose to include a gift certificate for some training with a local instructor, training is a must accessory for a new gun owner.
  • 3) Is this gift something the recipient would want? As much as we may love to shoot and train to protect our families and ourselves, or we enjoy the shooting sports, some people will never be OK with firing a gun. We cannot make people have the same interests we have. While it may seem like a great idea to be able to take your significant other to the range with you, you have to decide if that is something he/she would enjoy doing.

Firearms for Christmas – Bottom line:

If you want to get your significant other out on the range with you-get them involved in the whole process.

Instead of buying them the gun that you like, write a little note saying something like “I would love for you to enjoy shooting with me and to learn how to defend yourself, so when you’re ready we will go look at guns and I’ll get you whichever one you want for Christmas {within reason!!} along with some lessons so that you will feel comfortable”. This also allows them an out if needed and prevents you from ending up with a gun no one will use.

Obviously this won’t apply to every situation, but it will hopefully cut down on something us instructors see all too often… Another case of the “my husband bought me this .38 snub nose revolver and I don’t like to shoot it.” Plus, if you let them pick a gun they want, you’re much more likely to have a new shooting buddy who enjoys doing it as much as you do!

Dani Bryan

Dani "Oakley" Bryan is a sponsored competitive shooter and NRA Certified firearms instructor in Southern Indiana. She owns Diamond Defense LLC, a firearms training company.Dani shoots for Devil Dog Arms as a Devil Gal, Voodoo Tactical, TUFF Products, Kenaz Tactical, CZ-USA, Shooting Sports USA, XS Sights, Ergo, Froglube and Pelican Cases.

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