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Halloween weekend I was invited to shoot the first ever women’s only 3 gun match in Covington, GA. Thanks to my amazing rifle sponsor, Devil Dog Arms, I was able to make the drive just outside Atlanta to this inaugural event. I have been shooting pistol competitively for about two years now and have trained plenty with my rifle and shotgun so I was very anxious to give this 3 gun thing a try. I want to say thank you to Brownells for hosting this match and opening my eyes to the wonder that is 3 gun.

Shooting in the Pro division for my first ever 3 gun match probably was not the best idea but it was worth it to get to shoot with many amazing women and learn from the best. Just knowing your guns individually does not prepare you to put all three together. I ended up placing 19th in my division, which I will gladly take for this first match. Upon arriving at the range the dedication put into getting this match up and running was apparent. Sponsor banners were everywhere and the Brownells ATV was running around checking on things. To me the best part of the match was checking out all of the amazing gear these ladies are running!

To me the best part of the match was checking out all of the amazing gear these ladies are running!

The stages were all interesting and well thought out and did test your skills from reloads to shooting on unsteady bridges. Day 1 was a beautiful fall day in Georgia but day 2 had us all bundled up and truly tested the endurance and fortitude of all of the shooters.

3 Gun ProAm: Day 2 was soooooooo cold!
Day 2 was soooooooo cold!

I believe it was 28 degrees when I woke up to get ready for day 2 and even my layers were not helping much! This is why I personally stress the importance of training in all weather because you never know what it will be like outside when you have to use your firearm. The range was full of laughter, tricked out tactical strollers, and women who were happy to help with any questions or issues a shooter had.

3 gun Champion shooter Jessie Duff with trainer Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations
3 Gun Champion shooter Jessie Duff with trainer Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations

Over The RO staff was all amazing and patient with the new shooters. I can imagine being male RO at a women’s only match had something to do with their happy nature! Shooters came from all across the country and ranged in age and skill level greatly with the youngest shooter being only 10 and the wisest being over 60, yet everyone meshed well and worked to make the match run smooth and safe. The prize table at this match was insane! One of the biggest prize tables I have ever seen. Brownells helped out a ton as well as other sponsors such as Benelli, Beretta, XRailbyRCI, Taran

3 Gun: Lena Miculek-Afentul shooting some steel
3 Gun Competitor Lena Miculek-Afentul shooting some steel

Tactical Innovations, Devil Dog Arms, Samson Manufacturing, Leupold, Freedom Munitions, Fiocchi, and many more. With prizes totaling over $300,000 and over 200 women shooting it’s no wonder this match is getting so much attention. No word yet on when or where this will take place next year but you can be assured I will be there along with many other phenomenal female shooters. Hopefully some of you will join us next year and help push the presence of women in this industry and in shooting sports. If you have questions on where to start with all of this you can send me a message on my athlete page on facebook (Dani Oakley) and I will do my best to help you out! Now get out there and train!

Dani Bryan

Dani "Oakley" Bryan is a sponsored competitive shooter and NRA Certified firearms instructor in Southern Indiana. She owns Diamond Defense LLC, a firearms training company.Dani shoots for Devil Dog Arms as a Devil Gal, Voodoo Tactical, TUFF Products, Kenaz Tactical, CZ-USA, Shooting Sports USA, XS Sights, Ergo, Froglube and Pelican Cases.

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