Pinching Pennies While Prepping

(Well its next time and we did not get a deer yet. Actually, we haven’t gone hunting yet. We are waiting till November when it is nice and cool outside. So for now I am just going to elaborate on what we have gotten done in the last couple of weeks.)

Pinching Pennies While Prepping

Prepping can look overwhelming and expensive. To be honest, it really can be if you don’t know how to look for “steals and deals.” We are very frugal at our house and have no choice but to look for deals.
We were blessed with a moderate amount of money that was not earmarked for anything in particular. Because we are building our stock up from scratch we knew that we needed to spend some of that money on prepping. Still, we needed to ration and be frugal about how much we spent and on what we spent it.

Prepping can look overwhelming and expensive.

We started out with a general list. Then we made the decision to get a Sam’s Club card and start our spending there. We spent several hundred dollars, which was quite shocking, but we are fairly stocked with food for several months. We did not spend a lot on canned or boxed pre-made foods. Working from a self-sufficient stand point we gathered ingredients to make meals from scratch.

We bought items such as pasta, flour, sugar, beans, rice, and cooking oils, even coffee. We also bought non-food items such as trash bags, freezer bags, dish soap, coffee filters, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Pinching Pennies While Prepping

Even if we had not had all that money to spend, we would have bought the same items just not in the same quantities.
I have however stocked up on the cheap so I know it can be done. That is how we usually do it because money is hard to come by even with a good job.

Pinching Pennies While Prepping

We have a fully stocked larder now with the basics and even some fun stuff thrown in like my daughter’s hot cocoa. This goes back to what I said last time, “No one wants to be hunkered down for days or weeks with food they don’t like.” We like cocoa and peanut butter and even animal crackers. So we stocked up on them in bulk. Our storage room is getting full.

Since starting this article we bought a new shelving unit for the storage area. Now it doesn’t look as full as it did because the shelf is so big. It just gives us more incentive to fill it up!

The shelves we bought (because we also bought a larger one for my sewing stuff and material) are good, sturdy, hard plastic shelves. They aren’t as good as metal shelves, but they are better than the thinner, ‘flimsier’ plastic shelves. We bought the best we could for the money we had. Sometimes you need better quality than the cheap stuff will give you.

Pinching Pennies While Prepping

These shelves were super easy to construct too. It made for quick work while re-vamping the storage room.

Pinching Pennies While Prepping

We also got a deal on some other things. My fiance was able to get 6 arrows used for around $5.00 an arrow. If you know anything about bow hunting you know that is an excellent deal, especially since the arrows are in good condition. Plus we stocked up on automotive supplies. I love it when I find them on sale or regularly cheap! It is always good to carry some fix a flat, fuel cleaner, and anything else your particular vehicle may need in an emergency, especially in the winter.

We have just been working on gathering anything and everything we find that we can afford that we know we may need. If we don’t need it now, we know we will eventually. The hunt for deals and freebies goes on daily here!

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I am a God-fearing, prepping, homesteading where I stand, Southern country girl, transplanted to a small city in Iowa. With my fiance and my daughter, I am just starting over from scratch. We are building our stores of food and supplies either by stocking up or making it ourselves. We garden, can, sew, use natural remedies, and do it ourselves when we can. I like the feeling of security and self sufficiency even though I know it all comes from God.

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