It’s not your daddies old sling, however the 4N1  will work on his rifle.

Have you looked around at the plethora of slings on the market lately? Slings are manufactured to the rifle and until now you bought one sling for one rifle. Introducing the newest addition to the market of slings, the last sling you will ever need to purchase the 4N1 by Veteran 550 Cord.


The 4N1 sling is a 1 point, 2 point, collar and a drop/shorty sling all in one.  The 4N1 is 100% American made and uses 100% American made material, with six 1″ steel HK style clips, two 3 piece heavy duty plastic buckles for quick release and approximately 100 feet of mil-spec Paracord.
Main 4N1
V550C also known as Veteran 550 Cord is a Veteran owned and operated company. Richard V550C’s owner is a Veteran of the US Army and served his country proudly. If you’re like me this is very important, supporting veterans and American jobs is at the top of my list.
Lets talk about the 4N1 some more. The stats are listed above so lets stay away from that. What you want to know is how does it work? How do you use one sling for more than one rifle in more than one configuration.
The first configuration is for the modern sporting rifles. Made popular by the use of special forces and conventional military forces, the Single Point Sling (SPS) allows the user a stable and flexible platform that attaches to the rifle at a single point.  The user is able to keep the rifle in a easy to reach position also allowing  for quick transitions from your primary weapon system to your secondary weapon system.
The second configuration is primarily for your long range weapon. The 2 Point Sling (2PS) is a tried and true method of slinging a rifle over your shoulder and walking through the woods or over the terrain.  Commonly this type is used for your hunting rifles and shot guns however, it can be used on your modern sporting rifle as well. The 2PS is what most of us are familiar with, we grew up slinging that rifle over our shoulder and in its own way is very comfortable.
The Shorty Drop Sling (SDS) requires a little more explanation and is one of the best features of the 4N1. The SDS can be hooked to the D-ring on your plate carrier  or to the Collar Sling portion of the 4N1 and left there until you’re ready to attach your modern sporting rifle. The SDS keeps your rifle high and tight allowing you the ability to quickly shoulder and engage a target. When hooked to the plate carrier it will take some getting used to because the SDS allows the rifle to move around a bit and there is very little need to touch the rifle once slung. When you get used to the SDS you won’t carry your AR-15 without it again. This configuration allows you to make quick transition from your primary weapon to your secondary weapon as well as keeping the weapon in a comfortable and  out of the way position.
The Collar Sling  (CS), is my personal favorite. This portion of the sling is designed solely for the plate carrier and is used in conjunction with the SDS. The CS is in my opinion the most comfortable way to carry your modern sporting rifle. Distribution of  weight over both shoulders is important in effectively minimalizing the fatigue issue of carrying a rifle for many hours. This configuration wraps over the shoulders and connects to the Molle on the back of the plate carrier. The CS is truly the most ambidextrous way to carry, allowing the wearer to swing the rifle from right to left quickly and with ease.  When transitioning from primary to secondary weapon system with this configuration you are able to completely keep your primary weapon out of the way of your secondary weapon.  This configuration is battle field tested and approved.
 V550C has finally done what we have all been waiting for. They have designed a sling that we can use on all of our rifles without regard to the platform. My grandfather’s old Marlin 30/30 is as comfortable with the 4N1 as my  Savannah River Armory LBR-15.  V550C’s 4N1 is truly the most versatile sling I have owned. The 4N1 takes comfort, versatility and ease of use to a whole new level. Buy yours today and take it from me you won’t be disappointed.
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  1. Hey for all you tactical guys I really think you should read this article, This sling was designed by vets who have time on the Ground in combat situations. and it is also manufactured by a Veteran so if you guys believe that we should support these guys you will probably decide to get one> I have one myself

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