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Prepping Is a Lifestyle

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Prepping Is a Lifestyle

By Andrea Newsome

If you have ever thought of storing up goods and foods for emergency situations you have the right mentality to be a prepper. But, prepping is a way of life, not something to be done every now and then when you think it might come in handy. The way to really be prepared for the unexpected is to stay prepared all the time.

Although prepping has gotten a bad rap lately, it is just about putting food by, storing guns and ammo, stocking up on non-food items, and maybe learning new skills such as shooting, hunting, canning, sewing, gardening, field and/or natural medicine, and how to be self-sufficient. It is about making sure you and your family have what you need at any given time. There is nothing wrong with having a bit of security.

Once you have the right attitude about prepping it is easy to assimilate it into your life.

Once you have the right attitude about prepping it is easy to assimilate it into your life. First you need a place for storage. We are blessed to have a room in our basement that is perfect.

Prepper basement

Right now it is a mess because we just moved in. I recently relocated to Iowa where I am starting all over again with my fiance and my daughter. This is our storage room for extra stock. I haven’t always been so lucky though.

If you have a tiny house or cabin, like I used to, then you have to find ways to store the things you stock. I like to use bedrisers from Walmart and raise all the beds in the house a few inches. It’s under $8 for a 4 pack. You can also use bricks, concrete blocks, or wood to raise your bed. Once the bed is raised put your goods in tubs or totes, label the lids and push them under the bed.
Upper cabinets that are too high for everyday use are another place to store goods.
Tops of closets, attics, under couches, and in tubs or totes covered with material and set up like end tables are all perfectly acceptable places for storing goods. If you have mice or other pests, save up and invest in metal cans. Those are good for keeping grains, paper products, and many other items you don’t want chewed on or exposed to moisture.

Now that you are thinking of where to store, it’s time to think of how to afford all the things you want to stock up on. This is not as difficult as it sounds. When you go to the store, start small. Buy that one extra bag of dry beans, if that’s what you like to eat. Buy a bag of rice. Do not buy things you don’t normally eat. No one wants to be hunkered down for days or weeks with food they don’t like.

Try to buy one extra roll of toilet paper or better yet, get a Sam’s club or Costco card and buy in bulk. Buy an extra box of ammo when you have the money. Make a budget and start giving yourself $5 or $10 a week to spend on something extra. Then find a place to store it. You would be surprised at how fast you can get up a nice store of goods.

prepping cabinet

Now only some things have to be bought. If you learn to shoot, hunt, and can or otherwise preserve your meats you will be able to store a lot more food a lot faster. Learn to garden and can your bounty. If you don’t have a canner, save up and buy the best one for the money you have, or buy a used one. Find someone to barter with and trade for what you don’t have. There are so many ways to live a prepared lifestyle.

Next time we will talk about hunting and canning. It’s nearly deer season here and that is what is on our minds right now. I am also getting ready to do some sewing. Making extra warm clothes to wear out to the deer stand. I can’t wait to get started!

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Andrea Newsome

I am a God-fearing, prepping, homesteading where I stand, Southern country girl, transplanted to a small city in Iowa. With my fiance and my daughter, I am just starting over from scratch. We are building our stores of food and supplies either by stocking up or making it ourselves. We garden, can, sew, use natural remedies, and do it ourselves when we can. I like the feeling of security and self sufficiency even though I know it all comes from God.

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2 thoughts on “Prepping Is a Lifestyle”

  1. Hi Andrea, I believe you’re a great addition to the blog. I look foward to reading more of what you have to say. I too prep, hunt & garden. I aslo make
    Colloidal silver and buy silver bullion as well. I also think hard liquor is a great store item.

    1. Thank you James! I too believe that silver and hard liquor are great additions to the hoard! Vodka is cheap and readily available and can be used for more than drinking. It is also great as a handy antibacterial agent in an emergency and it helps kill pain. It really makes for a good bartering tool.
      Silver will always be a good investment. My fiance gets silver any time he can. It isn’t too hard to buy a little here or there. Junk silver is a good way to start for someone just getting into it.
      I am very blessed to be able to write for this blog. I think this was a great idea and can’t wait to get more indepth!

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