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Full Battle Rattle: Helping Today’s American Veterans

Almost a year ago, I had the privilege of meeting Rob Mitchell through a mutual friend who was involved with a project called “Full Battle Rattle” that Rob was trying to get off the ground. Rob Is an Army veteran who held the rank of Sergeant and served our country with the 1st Infantry Division in the 1st Battalion stationed in Germany and was also a combat Veteran serving with the 1st Cavalry Division in the 2nd battalion 5th Calvary Regiment which was stationed in Eastern Baghdad From March ’04 to March ’05. Rob was involved in numerous combat situations which resulted in PTSD and a TBI. Rob has struggled with these injuries and their results for almost 9 years.

Rob Mitchell of Full Battle Rattle
Rob Mitchell, Founder of Full Battle Rattle

Now back to “Full Battle Rattle”, or more intimately known to some as “FBR”. Rob appeared on a television program that I help produce called Spectrum where he shared his story and his hopes for “FBR”.  Rob started teaching himself to play guitar because simply put, he just wanted to learn to play music.  In Jan of 2014 he was having a particularly bad day when he literally had to leave work. HFBRLOGOe got home and sat on the couch with his wife who had been suffering along with him for six years. He was struggling in almost utter silence hoping his family wouldn’t ask him to participate in anything, this included his two small children. He knew he hated feeling like this but was at loss on how to change. When he grabbed his guitar and began playing, almost immediately he noticed that he started feeling better.

He knew he hated feeling like this but was at loss on how to change.

Rob realized then that if this could work for him it could help other Vets in his same situation, so he called his friend Chris Heart (whom I mentioned earlier), a mutual friend and he asked Chris if he wanted to teach Vets how to play guitar; and that is how “Full Battle Rattle” was born. Rob and Chris hooked up with a local music store in Albuquerque, NM called Guitar Center and started networking for instruments. Presently they have had an awesome response from not only the music store but from individuals in the community donating things ranging from guitars to drum kits. FBR is involved in many local community activities getting out the word on how they think they can help their fellow veterans and their community in general.

Full Battle Rattle at Guitar Center image
Full Battle Rattle at Guitar Center – Albuquerque, NM

They currently have 14 veterans in the program both locally and in states like Texas and Tennessee. Full Battle Rattle has a Facebook page where more information can be obtained about this great organization helping out veterans. They also have a Twitter account @FBRABQ and a website www.desertforge.org/wordpress. If you are interested in helping out FBR in anyway or finding out more about any of the entities involved in the Desert Forge foundation, please get in contact with Rob.

America, Our Veterans need us and they deserve our help.

Full Battle Rattle

Full Battle Rattle image

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