Bearcreek Arsenal AR-15 Review #2

Here is our second review of the Bear Creek Arsenal AR-15. This video is far superior to the first one. We shot the whole video at 75 yards with accuracy in mind the whole time. We also tested 4 types of ammunition in this excellent weapon to show how it performs with each brand / type.

About the BCA AR-15 in this video:

– AR-15 Rifle .223 / 5.56 NATO Caliber
– Chambered for .223 Wylde
– Buttstock: M4 6 Position Reinforced 
Fiber Commercial Sized Tube
– Weight: 5.8 lbs Empty Length: 36.375″ 
Fully Extended 32.625 Collapsed

– Bushnell 6x Riflescope
– Aftermarket Stainless, Straight Fluted Barrel
1 in 9 Twist .223 / 5.56 NATO
– Magpul MOE foregrip
– Magpul MIAD pistol grip

Special Thanks:
Bear Creek Arsenal, Gonzales Firearms (­e), Tracy Bates, & Steel Ridge Ammunition.

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3 thoughts on “Bearcreek Arsenal AR-15 Review #2”

  1. Going to buy one of these but concerned with what I’ve heard about MMC. But I’ve read good things about bear creek. Dunno what to believe. I’m not expecting a colt or bushmaster its a 500$ rifle. Just want to know I’m not wasting 500$

    1. Aaron, I took mine out yesterday and shot it without a lick of trouble. Have thousands of rounds through mine with only minimal trouble which Bearcreek took care of without Charge and it was my fault I was shooting Cheap Lacquered Ammo and had it build up in the chamber plus I was not cleaning as often or as well as I should have my habits have changed . They have revamped the Quality control section of the Company and it is one of the reasons they changed the name to separate themselves from the Moore Machine stigma.There is a Blog I wrote on mine awhile back. called More AR-15 Mods under our rifle and carbine section give it a read you can see all the cool stuff I have done with mine!!!

    2. are you kidding me colt is over priced garbage my bear creek will out shoot it all day long there is no better at 15 or parts for the price

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